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Greek Spreads
Tzatziki, tarama, scordalla, ktipiti, eggplant, caviar, feta cheese.
Fried Zucchini & Eggplant
Paper-thin cut zucchini, eggplant, & saganaki cheese, lightly fried.
Shish Kabob
Filet of Chicken Marinated, served with oven- lemon potatoes and rice.
Smoked mouse of eggplant, onions, parsley, olive oil & herbs.
Stone Crabs
Fresh from our local waters.




















































Published Reviews

As Seen In The Parklander March 2010

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This is my bugle call to Zagats and to every other prestigious reviewer anywhere. If anyone, after dining at Milos Estiatorio (restaurant, in Greek) located at 1600 North Federal Highway in Boca (561-750-6720), disagrees with this review I will re-commence my food training and start all over. I humbly ask my review colleagues to get to Milos and tell your readers and listeners about this, the finest Greek Seafood Restaurant anywhere in South Florida. 

I don’t even know where to begin, except by making a confession. I was raised on Greek cuisine. I mean that I ate Greek cooking everyday at virtually every meal, except for the times my mother and father intentionally cooked a different nation’s specialty. Let me explain. My father was a great Greek chef. A professional, sought after by the leading restaurants in NYC for many, many years. It was at his side that I learned cooking and baking and, far more importantly, it was at his side that I learned the subtleties of great cooking versus mediocre cooking. It was at his side that I learned how to instill the needed “magic” into food creations and it was there that I realized that I could never rise to even near his level of artistry.

So, and with his blessings, I moved into other areas for my livelihood. Still, I kept my experiences and have, for years now, been sharing them with my readers. I start by telling you that true Greek-style dining in a Greek restaurant is equal to dining in a Greek home. The patrons and servers are family. The owners and their guests are sharing in a celebration of life and sensuality, descending from thousands of years of Greek history: perfecting recipes, customs and traditions.  The art of entertaining was and remains a  cornerstone of Greek hospitality. 

Milos Estiatorio is the paradigm for this philosophy (I always wanted to use that word because it means “perfect example,” and here it is absolutely accurate.)  And, so, permit me to take you on a gastronome’s journey into the rarefied world of epicurean delights. That was a mouthful, but not nearly so as the first courses.  The evening began with a Milos Special, paper-thin zucchini, eggplant and saganaki cheese, lightly, but crisply fried. I was a goner from this point. This sensational opening eats like potato chips, tastes like heaven with a pinch of salt and the accompanying cheese just makes you want to go back for more eggplant/zucchini. Any one of us could have made a night of this alone–but, and you know me, I ate on. Munching on the pitas and breads became an event unto itself. But then … Out came a giant plate (lazy-Susan-like) of Greek spreads.

Now listen to this; Greek spreads are never so-so; either they are like cardboard sprinkled with motor-oil (filled with pits) or they are like simultaneous massages from exotic examples of human perfection. Guess what this was? Tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber, garlic and olive oil),Tarama (fish roe, olive oil and lemon), Scordalia (almonds and garlic), Ktipiti (Holland peppers, feta cheese, and olive oil) and Melitzanosalata (eggplant and caviar) caused us, yet again, to want this as our only course. But, please, it’s me and I must have some sort of eating dis-order because I kept saying, “…dis is great and dis is terrific and dis is delicious…” For me, the Octopus (charbroiled) Salad, swimming in a unique blend of olive oil and vinegar dressing, was and remains the highlight of an evening filled with highlights. The Sardines and Marides (fried sea smelts) and Kapnisto Platters raise decadence to a new level.  To calm me down they next brought out but two salads: A large green salad and Spitiki, an organic mix of greens, onions and tomatoes. The secret to great Greek salads is thse gentle and delicate balance between the vinegar and pure olive oil and the interaction of the salt (sea) and spices (few). 

No one, until now, could come close to my mother’s offering.  Milos Estiatorio at least tied her…maybe a little better but on this level it really doesn’t matter.  Now, I must digress, but you’ll see why in a minute. When you enter this eatery you are greeted with a store-wide fresh fish display with the entire evening’s ration of fish displayed type for type and size for size. Each guest can, following his or her ordering, inspect the choice as it is lovingly placed in a serving dish or cooking pot and brought to the soon to be delighted diner at the table. Upon approval it is then (and not before) delivered to the chef for preparing and serving. Yannis Diasynos, the proud owner, chef and raconteur of world travels and international escapades, watches over each patron and each dish and each course as if it were being offered at his daughter’s engagement party and the guests were critical groom’s family waiting for a mistake. There were no mistakes, no foul-ups, no missteps and no disappointed revelers.

Yannis taught us that we should look at the raw fish’s gills. If they are very red that means that the fish is fresh and healthy. He taught us that when cut open, the belly of the fish should be full and pink to red if it’s a salmon-like fish and creamy white and meaty looking if it is from the “white” fish group. It seems obvious, but some people think, as an example, that white fish are fish that appear white on the outside … and that salmon-like fish are pink to red on the outside. Not true. It’s the meat that gives the fish its typing and the keen eye that can pick the freshest, sweetest and tender fish that can be found anywhere, and here Yannis does the picking for us and we do the observing and approving. Enchanting! And so, our fish was chosen, grilled and prepared to exact standards and served with Greek-style sliced potatoes and sweet and creamy fresh vegetables.

Usually, I spend most of a review on the Lamb Chops, because Lamb Chops are a Greek staple. If you cannot prepare them correctly you cannot hold yourself out as a Greek restaurant. I was prepared to let Milos off the hook, as it is, after all, a “seafood” restaurant. I had nothing to worry about. The chops were tender, sweet, meaty and char-grilled to imbue them with a perfect juiciness. Astounding!  It is almost impossible to imagine that I was still prepared to sample more … but dessert, ah, dessert …  no! Greek dessert; there’s the finishing touch. We had, in addition to great Greek coffee, several unique (in preparation) classic Greek treats … some with yogurt, honey and nuts, and some with a Beignet-like crispiness, some sweet, some tangy: all, totally insane.  I seldom review Greek restaurants knowing full well that I will, inevitably, be disappointed. Historically that has been the case: not any  more.  This IS the place. This is THE place.

By Charles Marcanetti


Dine Magazine

Dine South Beach To Palm Beach Magazine
Winter 2008/2009
Milo's Seafood:
'When guests come into Milo's Seafood, they can select their fish with a changing choice of Pompano, Sea Bass or Swordfish.  Displayed at the entrance on a bed of cracked ice this provides the added confidence of knowing the meal was delivered that morning straight off the boat.  In addition to the fresh seafood, all of the fresh herbs used come from the garden out back.

Master Chef and Owner Yanni Diassinos honed his craft from the age of five behind the hearth of his grandfather's restaurant in native Rhodes.  His mother scolded him constantly for hiding in the kitchen rather than playing outside.  Stints at the luxurious Hotel Roma also served as an inspiration for his Greek and Italian inspired menu.  Grill Chef, Joseph Rubino, son of top chop man Bobby Rubino, knows better than to mess with what he calls 'Gramma's Recipes,' such as the Youvetsi with orzo baked in a mesquite wood oven smothered in Roma tomatoes, herbs from the backyard garden and chips of cheese from Parma.'

South Florida Business News
August / September, 2009 : Dr. Howard Stoller
'Lao Tzu said "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  I say "Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?"  It's true!  Right here in Boca Raton, with just a few steps you can enter another world.  A world rich with history, art, culture, music, dance, poetry and healing, great minds, hearts and souls, not to mention cuisine that will absolutely knock your sock off!'

The Greek American Herald
February, 2009 : Cristiane Roget,
'Yanni takes obvious pride not only in the kitchen but in his second in command Joseph Rubino who carries on the legacy of his father the 'King of Prime', Bobby Rubino where only prime cuts are served.  Yanni honed his craft only later at the Culinary Institute of Athens, and Paul Bocus in the South of France'
March 30, 2008 : Prudy Taylor
'Milo's in Boca offers a menu of wonderful Greek dishes including an incredible array of 40 varieties of seafood imported by a group of seafood suppliers that range from small, family-owned fishing companies in the Greek Isles, the shores of Morocco and Portugal to independent North and South American fisherman in Florida and Nova Scotia.' Reviews

07.15.2009 : HH - Boca Raton, Fl
'I had the lobster special, 2 lb. lobster with appetizer and dessert.  The food was wonderful and the service was exceptional.  I would go back in a minute.'

06.02.2009 : EW - Boca Raton, Fl
'I enjoy going to Milos.  The food is excellent and the service is caring.  I enjoy the entertainment in the lounge.  Music just adds to the overall enjoyment.'

04.17.2009 : GH - Boca Raton, Fl
'Great Dining Experience!'

03.18.2009 : EE - Highland Beach, Fl
'Excellent seafood and great selection of starters!'

03.09.2009 : HS - Boca Raton, Fl
'It is a very good restaurant.  The food and service is excellent and the pricing is very fair.'

02.02.2009 : GH - Miami Beach, Fl
'This was a wonderful dining experience and I look forward to returning soon!  The staff was pleasant and very efficient.  The menu was reasonably priced and offered a terrific variety to suit all tastes.  The food was plentiful and beautifully prepared and the taste is one of the best Greek restaurants I've ever experienced - not to be missed.'

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